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Theme Corruption and Unusable Links

This is what happens when you neglect to keep your WordPress website Updated!

So I kind-of neglected to keep my blog up-to-date after I was slapped with a Google Penalty approx 2-3 years ago. I was deflated and lost interest seeing my traffic drop from 5500+ sessions to less than 200 per month. Long story-short, I checked the blog today for the 1st time in ages and it’s broken 🙁

My Theme was corrupt and no-longer supported and my Link Cloaking Apps aren’t working, among other things… After a struggle I managed to get the back-end working, switched themes and did some updates, but there is way too much else required to get it functional again.

I’m considering my options and will re-purpose the blog when I have time.
But I do have an offer for you to consider…

Get Access to “Tigers Den Today”!

I was lucky enough to get access to Tigers Den Mastermind right in the beginning and I’m currently paying $17 p/month; membership is now $37 p/month with No OTO’s or Upsells, but the price is still going up as more people join.

So, what exactly is “Tigers Den Mastermind“? It’s a membership group run by Anthony Earp, which is a Goldmine of Products, Tools and Training to help you with your online business.

Other than the tools, Anthony, himself and other member are all helping one-another with pretty much anything related to running an online business. All you have to do is ask in the Private Facebook Group!

The best part is FREE Access to a massive and growing library of IM Products from JVZOO & WarriorPlus.

Fact is; I hardly buy anything from Jvzoo and WarriorPlus anymore, because there is usually a Tool within the DEN I can use. If something new launches and it’s found worthy, Anthony will buy the reseller version and add it to the DEN. We can even ask for certain APPs and if it has the right licensing rights he will buy it for us.

Don’t let the ‘crappy sales page’ mislead you; this is my best buy ever online (I bought in August 2018) with no intentions of cancelling (at this rate); there is simply too much value.

Go check it out; there is a refund policy if you don’t like it, but believe me; it’s worth it…
My personal purchases on JVZOO etc has gone from $150-$200 per month to approx. $200 per year (because there is the occasional thing not available in the DEN).

EXAMPLES of Available Products:

  1. Paul Lynch’s – Video Wrappr & Easy Sketch Pro
  2. Andrew Fox’s – iTaggz
  3. Dr Amit Pareek’s – MaxConvert
  4. Paul Ponna’s – Video App Suite
  5. Much much more…
    with more being added all the time!

Sign-Up Today!

* The links above are affiliate links for which I receive a commission if you sign-up.
The opinion given is my own based on my experience having had access to this product/membership since 2018…


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