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Getting to know ‘Duane Reeve’…

My Blog Welcome Post already gave a brief introduction as to who I am and where I’m from, but for ease of reference I will repeat. My Name is ‘Duane‘ and I am from Cape Town, South Africa.

If you want a detailed description of who I am and what I’m about; continue reading this page. If you want a quick summary, then read my welcome post.

First and foremost, I am NOT an Internet Marketing Guru or Financial Advisor or anything vaguely similar. I, probably like you, started out looking for ways to Make Money Online. I have been there and done many things along the way to achieve this goal and quite honestly failed at most. That being said…

I now own and run my own Internet Services Company called FuturityWEB, which operates from my home office in Cape Town. This is a full-time business all built from what I learned while pursuing methods to Make Money Online.

When I started my online ventures in Dec 2009, I knew very little other than the basics of raw HTML 4.0 code. My first website was hand coded in HTML and it was really ugly. The content consisted of information on how to make money online, a topic I knew nothing about back then. The very first IM Product I ever bought was a course on making money online. The coaching back then, was simple: Fake it, until you make it!

Today, that website is still up and running, as a reminder of where I started. I have updated it from HTML to WordPress and I have done a little house cleaning, but it is still essentially the same old website. You can see this site here.

TIP: Don’t be scared or embarrassed to start your own website or blog. Do it and learn from it; just don’t Fake it – It doesn’t work… Be yourself and share your experiences; that’s it.

More About Me: Financially I lost everything prior to 2009 in the global property crisis (or recession of 2008). I lost my business (I was a partner in an Estate Agency/Realtors). The banks repossessed my home, my investment properties (7 of them), my bike and my car. If my girlfriend at the time (now wife) hadn’t bailed me out with a place to stay, I would have quite literally been on the streets (or back home with Mom & Dad)…

I started my current business, FuturityWEB in 2010 with the last money I had to my name. I took roughly us$600 and purchased 2x years Reseller Web-Hosting from with the idea being that once invested, the banks couldn’t take it. (This also gave me two years to get the business running, with basic expenses paid.) once setup, I posted adverts on local classified websites and roped a few friends into getting Web Hosting from me. In most cases, customers who signed up for web-hosting wanted websites and to accommodate them I became more familiar with WordPress. My first website, had taught me enough about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) when I set and achieved my goal of being ranked on Page-1 of Google for the terms ‘earn more money’, ‘earn money online’ and ‘make money online’ (I achieved Pg-1 for all).

I have a few major brand clients now and for the first time in many years things are turning around. Fact is I now have money to re-invest into the business and grow both the business and my skills. I am also in a position where I can afford a ‘mentor’ to help me take my Online Business to the next level.

For me this has been a long hard road, due to the fact that I started with no knowledge or skills in this industry and have step-by-step taught myself everything. The problem with doing it this way is that one can spend weeks learning something only to find out it doesn’t work months later. I have learned and am still learning new things almost every day.

Follow my Blog, you may learn a thing or two too…
Feel free to contact me if you need help/advice.

 – Duane

 Posted on : 08/07/2015 - Last updated on Aug 7, 2015

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