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The most unusual post I never thought I would write

Consider this: Stop posting on your blog to succeed as a blogger

Sharing my thoughts about the Blogging process. My most unusual post to date… Since 2009/10 I have spent much of my time learning and improving my WordPress and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) skills, so that I can provide these services to local businesses. These skills are my primary source of online revenue. That being said; […]

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Ouch! Find out what happened to my organic traffic

My Blogs Organic Traffic has disappeared Yes, Google’s recent updates have had a crippling affect on my blogs organic traffic. For years I have followed and implemented only ‘white hat’ SEO methods complying with Google’s Best Practices as I understand them. Where I was uncertain of a SEO method, I’d rather not implement it, than […]

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Use these Free Google Tools to promote your business

10 Free Google Tools - Use these to market your online business

10 Google Tools to market your business. This is a post I was preparing for my Business Blog (launching soon), but I decided to re-write and post it here due to the fact that it may help some of you. Instead of going into detail about each of these 10 Free Google Tools I’ll give […]

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eMail Marketing and Why I Choose GetResponse

The Worlds Easiest eMail Marketing Platform

I use GetResponse for my eMail Marketing Before I get into why I choose GetResponse for my eMail Marketing I think it’s important for me to share with you the basics of what an AutoResponder Services is and how or why you would use it. I will try to make this as easy as possible […]

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Quick Start Challenge 2015 Review

My Personal Experience – Quick Start Challenge 2015 With one last ‘Bonus’ Webinar to go tonight, I have managed to navigate my way through this years Quick Start Challenge (QSC). For those of  you that don’t already know… The Quick Start Challenge is a training or mentorship programme which claims to take you from ZERO […]

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Quick Start Challenge Intro Video

Facing my fears – Creating my first on-screen video. I was challenged to create my first on-screen video in week-2 of the Quick Start Challenge, so please see this below. After the video I will describe the experience and the technical challenges I endured to get this video online before the cut-off time. Well, here […]

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Get a Business Coach for Success

Why I recommend you get a Business Coach If you read my ‘About Page‘, you will see that I struggled for many years to finally start earning a decent income online. Fact is; I wanted to get a Business Coach very early on, but my financial situation didn’t allow for it. Business Coaches or Mentors […]

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Just Do It

To Succeed Online you need to take Action. NIKE, the sportswear apparel giant have the right slogan; ‘Just Do It‘. I think this phrase pretty much sums up whether you will succeed online or not. I’m not going to write a post on your mindset, goal setting, brain washing or anything similar, but I am […]

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Copy this Blog Category

How to copy this blog/website. This morning I woke up at 5am with these nagging thoughts about how to proceed with building this blog in a way you can copy. By ‘copy this blog’, I am referring to how you could copy the structure and design on this blog and NOT the content (which is […]

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Building This Blog

WordPress Resources, Tools & Services used. This is Post No. 2 on this blog and if you are reading this post within a few days of it’s publication (27 April 2014), you will notice that is somewhat incomplete at this stage. There is NO custom header, NO Menu, NO footer, NO T&C’s Pages etc […]

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An Introduction to

Welcome to the first post on this blog. is about getting to know me & WordPress… and a few other things about making money online. So, I guess I’ll start with a brief introduction… My name is Duane and I am the owner of FuturityWEB, a Web-Hosting & Web-Design Company based in Cape Town, […]

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