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You can use your RSS Feed to drive free traffic to your blog

How to use your RSS Feed to Drive Traffic

What is a RSS Feed and How To Use it in 2015. [awp_icon name=”icon-feed2″ scale=”4″ type=”square” align=”left” color=”white” background=”orange”] RSS is the abbreviation for Rich Site Summary or better known as Really Simple Syndication. In a nutshell an RSS Feed is a way for your readers to be notified when new content is added to […]

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How to fix duplicate content issues on your website or blog

Is Duplicate Content Hurting Your SEO

How to find and fix on-site Duplicate Content Many of you may already know that having duplicate content on your blog is BAD. Search Engine’s (especially Google) penalise sites that have duplicate content and this will negatively affect your overall Search Engine Rankings. What you may not know is that you may be publishing duplicate […]

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Understanding Google Search for Newbies

How Google Search Works

Understanding Google Search Simplified. This was going to be another lengthy post going into detail about how Google Search works, until my research led me to the Video below, which I found within Google Webmaster Tools (Search Console Help). This Video was created in 2010, but is still very relevant and easy to follow. While […]

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A beginners Guide to understanding SEO

What is Search Engine Optimisation

Do you need Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?   If your website relies on traffic from Search Engines; YES, you most definitely need to understand Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). At the very least you need to understand the basics of ‘On-Page SEO‘ and ‘Basic Keyword Research, both of which I’ll cover later in this article. If […]

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Which plugin to use for Wordpress SEO

WordPress SEO Plugins

Which WordPress SEO Plugin to use. In my last traffic related post (First Steps to Web Traffic) I mentioned that I would be installing the WordPress SEO Plugin (by Yoast) on this website. That led me to thinking, which WordPress SEO Plugins should you use if you were just starting out and learning the ropes […]

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Learn how to monitor your websites traffic

First Steps to Web Traffic

Monitoring & Tracking Web Traffic. Getting people to view and read you website/blog articles has to be your highest priority. The only way you can succeed online is for people to see what you have to offer. In order to increase your web traffic, you need to know where or how to track your websites […]

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