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Are the old ways of driving FREE traffic dead?

Before I can give my answer to the above question, let’s clarify what are the most popular old ways to drive free traffic to your blog. I’m talking about Blog Hopping (or Blog Commenting) and Forum Signature Links. Both of these methods are still taught today and while they are very simple ways to create backlinks to your blog/website they are no longer the traffic magnets they used to be.

Using Social Media to Drive Free Traffic simply makes sense

I’m not going to go into detail about Blog Hopping and the Forum Signature methods here, I have already discussed these in another post. I still endorse both these methods to a degree as they do help you get backlinks, which in turn helps improve your Domain Authority. They don’t generate the traffic they once used too, but it’s worth knowing about them. If you want to read more about these methods read this post.

What are the new ways to drive free traffic?

I’m sure you already know… It’s Social Media. YES, love it or hate it; Social Media is the new way to drive free traffic to any webpage or offer. The beauty of using Social Media as a traffic source is that you can potentially use it to drive traffic on demand. At least, this is what I have been told.

Seriously, unless you have been hiding under a rock or have your head buried in the sand like a scared Ostrich you may have probably noticed something…

All the new products being released on JVZOO and WarriorPlus which promise a flood of free traffic are using some or other Social Media hack. It makes sense that the new traffic sources are Social Media driven because this is where people are hanging out online. If you want to be found, seen or heard you need to move in the same circles (social platforms) and do what you need to do to get noticed. It’s probably easier said than done, especially if you want to do it ethically, but that’s the challenge.

Viral Content and the Power of the #Hashtag

I’m not going to disclose too much in this post as I have a series of follow up posts planned, but, for the curious, it all boils down to the power of the #hashtag and/or the sharing and manipulation of  Viral Content.

The majority of new software platforms available help you find Viral Content related to your niche or keywords and then allow you to manipulate it in some way or another. Most of the training courses on offer tend to teach different ways to find and piggyback on trending or popular #hashtags or it’s a combination of both #hashtags and viral content.

Which Social Networks are best for Traffic Generation?

This is a difficult question for me to answer right now as I have only just begun my journey to drive free traffic using Social Media. I have decided to start with and focus my energy on Twitter and possibly using Facebook as a secondary traffic source.

Why Twitter? Because, as far as I’m aware, Twitter started the #hashtag and I therefore assume it will work best on Twitter. This assumption hasn’t come naively; it’s based on solid research I did before embarking on this path. I’m not saying other Social Media platforms won’t work, but one has to start somewhere and for me Twitter seems to be the best option.

Starting today, I have 184 Twitter Followers

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Other Social Media Platforms that I believe work well with the #hashtag are Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Reddit & Tumblr. I’m sure there are others I didn’t mention, so please feel free to mention them in the comments below…

My Twitter Goal

My immediate goal is to get at least 1000 Twitter Followers by the end of November 2016. This equates to 816-Followers in 64-days (or ±13-New Followers daily starting today). How this ties in with my Traffic Goals is simple. The more followers the more potential traffic…

Conclusion: Driving Free Traffic using Social Media in 2016 and beyond is a must. How you intend doing it, is up to you, but if you want to follow along with what I’m doing, please make sure to read my follow up post, where I’ll share everything I’m doing and what works or doesn’t work.

Note: This is Post 1 in a Series of posts > Read Post 2 Here

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 Posted on : 27/09/2016 - Last updated on Oct 5, 2016
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