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I use GetResponse for my eMail Marketing

Before I get into why I choose GetResponse for my eMail Marketing I think it’s important for me to share with you the basics of what an AutoResponder Services is and how or why you would use it. I will try to make this as easy as possible to understand…

What is an AutoResponder?

An Autoresponder is a service whose primary purpose is to manage your e-mail list(s) thus helping you with your eMail Marketing. As an Autoresponder ‘they’ keep a database of all the e-mail addresses you collect and make it easy for you to send e-mails to these members. A fully featured Autoresponder also allows you to create a sequence of pre-arranged e-mails, which can be automatically sent to new subscribers according to a set schedule.

Why do you need an Autoresponder?

Whether you are a regular offline business (brick & mortar business), or run an online business, be it as a Blogger or Internet Marketer on any level, you should be using eMail Marketing and it should be integrated with an Autoresponder tool or service. The reason you should be doing this is, because end-users still respond to eMail’s better than they respond to any other form of marketing.

Think about your average working day! The one thing that is mission critical to your existence is your mailbox. In most cases what is in your mailbox is either work related or ‘stuff‘ you subscribed to because you wanted it. Yes, there is probably some SPAM and maybe a few mails from friends or family, but you have control what to open, read or delete within your mailbox. This very fact makes eMail Marketing the ‘top dog’ for marketing online in 2015 and probably for many years to come.

Note: Autoresponder services and tools come in many forms. Some are online services provided by 3rd Parties; others include code you add to your website (eg. a WordPress plugin like MailPoet), and you also get Scripts to run on your Server or Software to install on your computer.

The type of Autoresponder Service or Tool you use to manage your lists(s) is up to you and the pros and cons of each I honestly cannot give you since I’ve decided to follow the other major players online and use a 3rd party service provider.

Why I Choose GetResponse as my Autoresponder

Quite simply because my mentor (coach) & friend Kevin Fahey recommended them above all else. The reason being because GetResponse integrates seamlessly with JVZOO *. Having said that, I did do some research of my own, comparing some of the other features and prices of the other major Autoresponder services such as Aweber, iContact and MailChimp to name a few…

* JVZOO is an affiliate marketplace and probably the best place to go if you want to be an affiliate marketer or digital product vendor. If you intend using JVZOO, having an integrated Autoresponder is a no-brainer for me.

MailChimp Is FREE for up to 2000 users. Only after you have 2000+ members on your list(s) do you have to pay. This is great for people starting out and on a tight budget. However, with the FREE Account, you can manage up to 2000 members, have several lists, but you don’t get the Autoresponder feature (you cannot setup an automated mail sequence). Upgrading to include this feature is only $10, which again is cheap, but there are other reasons that resulted them being scratched off my list.

  1. MailChimp is FREE to start, but later becomes more expensive than many of the other providers.
  2. MailChimp’s frowns upon using their service for affiliate marketing. I won’t say they disallow it, but their T&C’s are a little grey about it and you risk having your account closed if you breach the T&C’s. If they close it, you loose your list(s), so it’s not worth the risk.

iContact – Truth be told; I actually have an iContact Account, which I opened many years ago and have hardly used. I have a small list of approximately 15-subscribers at present, but as mentioned I don’t use it much. Why: Because I found it difficult to navigate their backend and most online tutorials for using Autoresponders are for either Aweber or GetResponse. I’ve never had an issue with iContact, The mails I sent out were delivered and I’ll keep my account open for later use (Note: I have an iContact account that allows up to 500-subscribers for FREE).

Aweber – When I first started my online journey I opened an Aweber Account. At that time I was so overwhelmed with everything around me (WordPress, SEO, Graphics, Copyrighting etc) I let the 30-day free trial expire and after being billed for about 5-months without using the service I cancelled it. Fact is; had Kevin Fahey not referred me to GetResponse I would may have gone with Aweber.

GetResponse – Yeah, yeah, by now you all know I choose GetResponse because of the integration with JVZOO and Kevin’s recommendation. There is still one other thing you should know. My final choice was between Aweber & GetResponse and even if we factor out the JVZOO integration, I would have opted for GetResponse anyway. At the end of the day, I’m running an online business and as a business owner I need to ensure that I get the most value for my money. While both Aweber and GetResponse offer very similar features and have similar email delivery rates it boils done to $$$. GetResponse is Cheaper than Aweber!

Sign-up for a GetResponse Account
via the link below and get a $30 credit

Get $30 Credit – Sign-up Now!

<<< UPDATE >>>

This was just unveiled today by GetResponse Watch the Video I’m sure it will impress…

NOTE: I haven’t researched the pro’s and con’s of using other methods for managing my lists, other than with using a 3rd party service. I do, however, believe using 3rd Party Services like MailChimp, iContact, Aweber & GetResponse is the way to go. My reason for this is simple: I already have enough to cope with on a daily basis. I don’t need the additional stress of managing and maintaining my own system. I don’t want to stress about whether my mails are getting to their destination or whether my Web Host is throttling or blocking bulk mails etc. Having a 3rd Party Service frees me from maintaining my own…

Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. Should you buy products or services via links on this page, I could earn a commission. This is post is not meant as a review of the different Autoreponders neither it’s purely the reason why I went with GetResponse.

Comments and feedback is appreciated add them below…

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 Posted on : 07/08/2015 - Last updated on Sep 6, 2015

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