Learn how to monitor your websites traffic

First Steps to Web Traffic

Monitoring & Tracking Web Traffic.

Getting people to view and read you website/blog articles has to be your highest priority. The only way you can succeed online is for people to see what you have to offer. In order to increase your web traffic, you need to know where or how to track your websites traffic stats so you understand how it all works.

[boxibt style=”info” bordercolor=”#ff0000″]The first step to understanding Web Traffic is by monitoring and tracking your traffic[/boxibt]

Basic Web Traffic Stats with Awstats:

If you follow the advice of most Internet Marketers (myself included), you will get a Web Hosting Account that includes the cPanel Control Panel. Within the cPanel Logs Section you will find an application called Awstats and this provides a detailed view of your websites traffic. I would highly recommend that you use Awstats for monitoring your basic website traffic when you are still new at monitoring stats. Awstats provides a really simple to understand view of the number of visitors, the page hits and a whole lot more.

The first 2-months website traffic stats on DuaneReeve.com
Awstats: Traffic Stats for this site for Mar-April 2014

Traffic Stats using Google Analytics

While Awstats is a great tool for beginning your journey to tracking your website statistics, the ultimate tracking tool is Google Analytics. To give you an idea, the below screen-shot shows some of what is available with Google Analytics. What you see in the below image is merely ‘the tip of the iceberg‘, when it comes to what Google Analytics Tracks. With the latest ‘Google Analytics Asynchronous tracking code’ I’m almost convinced Google can track the smell of your farts 🙂 , let alone your web stats.

Detail web traffic stats with Google Analytics
Stats from a low traffic site – image used merely for info purposes

[boxibt style=”gray”]I strongly suggest you make use of Google Analytics to monitor your website traffic stats. Not only do I use Google Analytics for monitoring stats, I also believe it improves your Search Engine Optimisation efforts, which I’ll discuss in a later post.[/boxibt]

And with that said, I installed my Google Analytics Tracking code this morning…

Traffic Monitoring using StatCounter

As an alternative to using Google Analytics (some people have their reasons not to use Google Tools), I would recommend using StatCounter. This is another FREE tool for monitoring your website traffic and it provides more than enough information to fulfill your needs in the beginning. StatCounter is not as comprehensive as Google Analytics, but it has more options than Awstats. StatCounter, like Awstats is also a lot easier to use and understand than Google Analytics, but when things get serious you will outgrow StatsCounter‘s usefulness. StatCounter.com does have a PAID Upgrade option, but I don’t believe you will need this. And, if you do… It’s time to move to Google Analytics!

StatCounter is a good alternative to track your web traffic
Screenshot of StatCounter Traffic Tool

At the end of the day, it’s your decision which tool to use. There are probably several others I haven’t mentioned, because I don’t use them. Some may even be better than the ones I mentioned. This article isn’t a review on different tracking tools; it is an article to inform you that you need to track your web traffic…

[boxibt style=”gray” bgcolor=”#ffff99″]Note: Today I installed the Google Analytics Asynchronous tracking code on this site. I also added this sites domain in Google WebMaster Tools and after I press the publish button on this post I’m installing the WordPress SEO (by Yoast) Plugin.[/boxibt]

The bottom line is simple: ‘Learn to Track your Website’s Traffic’.

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  1. I can’t agree more Google can track the smell of your farts 🙂 , let alone your web stats. I actually smiled reading that because it soo true.I use analytics for tracking my blog. But I do that with the Yoast plugin.
    Boris Qs recently posted…Why I was banned from all Facebook groups I was a member ofMy Profile

    1. Hi Boris – Ok, so you made me smile this morning too. This was one of my older posts and I’d forgotten I’d added that chirp. There may be many other tools out there like Google Analytics for tracking, but none that are FREE that offer so much. I’m also using WordPress SEO by Yoast 🙂

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