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Save time and frustration; get a mentor
If you read my ‘About Page‘, you will see that I struggled for many years to finally start earning a decent income online. Fact is; I wanted to get a Business Coach very early on, but my financial situation didn’t allow for it. Business Coaches or Mentors are expensive right?

So, instead of saving up to get a Mentor I started buying Internet Marketing (IM) Courses to help me get ahead. After all, most mentors charge in excess of $500 on the lower end of the scale and IM Courses are pretty affordable. Heck; there are even hundreds of FREE tutorials out there. But here’s the thing…

You buy a cheap IM Course which then comes with an OTO (One Time Offer), which is only advertised after your initial spend. So, to make sure you don’t miss anything you buy again. Now that $4.95 course you just bought has in fact cost you $4.95 + say $27 for the OTO. Then a second OTO is offered which is a monthly recurring membership fee and if you’re like me; you don’t take up this offer because you can’t afford it. While you learn a little something of value from the $32 you just spent, you have no idea how to get this to work for you and so, you venture off and buy another IM Course or product to fulfil your needs.

Welcome to the world of the ‘Bright Shiny Object’ (BSO)
I’ll write another post about BSO’s, but for now, know this. Once you fall into the BSO trap, the money you spend buying more BSO products or courses will inevitably be way more than what you would have paid for a good business coach or mentor from the outset.

Buying BSO products may teach you a thing or two of real value, but in many case you are not held accountable and do not implement what you learned. A Mentor will hold you accountable and will scold you if you don’t do the tasks assigned. Think of it like coming to school without having done your homework. It may seem childish, but it works…

Now, the good news is: A Business Coach or Internet Marketing Mentor doesn’t need to cost a fortune. In fact, I just recently (this week at time of posting) started working with Dean Holland, Craig Crawford and Robert Phillips who together run an annual 4x week coaching workshop known as:

The Quick Start Challenge

I don’t think ‘they’ are taking on new members for this years coaching, but if you are serious about your online future and don’t have 100’s of dollars to spend on a business coach,  it may be worth waiting for next years event – don’t waste your money on bright shiny objects!

Have you used a Mentor and what was your experience?
Feel free to comment below…

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  1. Great comparison you draw between spending apparently small amounts on BSOs and investing in more meaningful help – in this case mentorship.

    The other cost people don’t realise they are paying when they spend on small hacks, shortcuts and one click solutions is their time. Time is the one truly valuable resource we all have, trying lots of things over and over wastes not only the money you might have – but more importantly your time too.

    I am creating a product to help people aspiring to earn a full time income online channel their motivation – and achieve direction, without having to spend big on mentorship .. It’s a month or so off – but I’m making huge progress and am really excited about it. The early bird sign up page has just gone up ..

    1. Thanks Ant. Yup; if I could only get back time spent, but then again the lessons learned in that time make us who we are today (for better or worse)

  2. Hey Duane,

    Nice post, I love the concept of ‘BSO’s’ very interesting! Im on the QSC 3.0 as well, my site is under construction, but I made the first post and did an about me page so I have done whats required for this weeks challenge anyway and hope to have it looking more finished soon. Best of luck.

    1. Hey Jamie; somewhere along the line, I also think falling into the BSO trap is part and parcel of the path to success. One just needs to wake up and stop wasting money on junk. I’m not saying don’t buy anything, but do the research and only buy something you intend using immediately. I had a brief look at your Blog/Site; congrats and best wishes re: your little girl (my daughter is 2.5 years old now)

  3. Ahhhh…. I think most of us have been there, done that and got the t-shirt

    Well done for “seeing the light” and investing in your own future.

    Best of luck!

    1. Thanks Jennifer – I think I use the t-shirt to wash my car now 🙂

  4. Hello Duane

    It does not matter how expesive the training or how good the mentor is, all that really matters is whether it’s the right course for where you are both in life and in business.

    I have spent 4 figures multiple times on coaching courses, a couple of them were run by fly by night marketers but most were by reputable people, the issue with each course was that I was not yet ready for them.

    Thankfully with QSC3 and having spent many months on self development, I believe I am now ready to step up to the plate and accept the challenge that Dean has thrown at us. I look forward to seeing your progress as we go through each week.


    1. Hi Igor; I have to agree with what you are saying too. I bought a course when I first started with Internet Marketing and at the end of it, I thought it was total rubbish. About 2-years later I went through it again and actually learned a thing or two. It all boiled down to me not being ready for the course initially…

  5. I really like the look of your website. It is one I will be favoriting and visiting often. I agree having a mentor or someone to hold you accountable can help. I too am taking the quick start challenge. Here’s to both of us being successful I look forward to following your progress.

  6. Hey Duane, Spoken like a true professional. Someone who has been in the trenches for long enough to know better. It’s great meeting so many like minded people with QSC. Keep it up mate – your on a roll 🙂

    1. Thanks for the feedback Col. It is great to have this opportunity and good to see so many people actually getting on with the tasks and challenges. I’m off to see what you have to share on your blog now…

  7. You are absolutely right that a business coach or marketing mentor doesn’t need to cost a fortune. It isn’t a cost. Getting business coach or marketing mentor is an investment. An investment in yourself and your future. (Yes, I am a business coach).

    Every learning experience is a blessing in disguise. I tell my clients to take the good and learn from the bad. That knowledge, no matter if its good or bad helps build us and makes us stronger and smarter
    Ianthe Hernandez recently posted…Is Email Marketing (Finally) Dead ?My Profile

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