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Make serious commission with Affiliate Products

How to make commission with Affiliate Products | Free Training

I am often asked how do I make money online? This isn’t a simple question to answer because I have been doing this for a long time and I’m involved with many things (probably too many things). But while my main income is derived from providing Services (Web-Design & SEO mostly), I also make money in the form of commissions for referring Affiliate Products via my blog(s) and Social Media Profiles.

Until recently, marketing affiliate products has been a relatively small part of my daily business practice for the simple fact that I make more money selling my services. But all that is about to change…

For those of you who don’t already know, my business coach (Mentor) is Kevin Fahey and while I initially joined Kevin’s Group Coaching progamme for a Product Creation Masterclass, Kevin has also been guiding me with methods on how to improve my Online Business and to focus more on ‘Affiliate Marketing’ to make long-term, life-changing commissions.

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the Online form of regular Word-Of-Mouth Marketing. In the Offline world, if you buy something (product/service) and you are happy with that product or service, you tell your friends and family about it and maybe they will buy that same product or service. Well, Affiliate marketing is pretty much the same thing, except you get commission for the referral if they buy something.

The beauty about referring something Online (as opposed to Offline), is that your referral can be tracked and the product or service vendor can then pay you accordingly. This is then referred to as earning a commission for referring an Affiliate Product.

How to become an Affiliate Marketer

Becoming an Affiliate Marketer is relatively easy and in many instances you don’t even need to have a website or blog, although this does help. There are companies out there who specialise in providing products/services for affiliate marketers to promote. These business are known as “Affiliate Marketplaces” and product vendors (sellers) list their available products within these marketplaces for you to promote. The beauty in doing it this way is:

  1. You can find several products to promote from a single source
  2. The marketplace acts as a 3rd party mediator ensuring you get paid
  3. Records of the sales and refund rates of products help you choose wisely
  4. Integration with PayPal for ease payments of commission(s)
  5. And much more…

There are way too many marketplaces to mention them all, but if you are starting out and you are in the Internet Marketing Niche, then JVZOO and WarriorPlus are probably the best to begin with. If you are NOT in the Internet Marketing Niche; try Clickbank or Commission Junction.

Homework: Find a suitable marketplace and apply to be an affiliate

 Free Affiliate Marketing Training

There are many ways to implement the whole Affiliate Marketing process. I can share with you the methods I used in the past, which work with minimal success, or you can head on over and get some professional advice from my Mentor for FREE. By clicking on the link below, you will also get first hand experience about how I’m setting up my Affiliate Funnel using Kevin’s methods.

Sign Up Now

Note: This FREE Training is part of a Product Launch, for IM Affiliate Funnel, which Launches on August 26th. I was privileged enough to get pre-launch review access and this product has changed the way I’ll be doing affiliate marketing for good.

As mentioned in the box above, this is part of a product launch and I will get commission for sales generated via my links. That being said; after going through this training myself, last week I have to give it a Thumbs Up! As you will experience I have already started to implement the methods taught and while I’m yet to see the escalation in my commissions, I will vouch for Kevin’s Training and product any day.



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 Posted on : 24/08/2015 - Last updated on Sep 27, 2015

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