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IM Traffic Facebook Masters Review

Before I even begin; I know, I’m guilty as charged… I haven’t posted anything in months and my first post in ages is an affiliate product recommendation called “IM Traffic Facebook Masters“. There’s a reason why I haven’t posted anything in a while, but that’s for another post. Right now, I need you to understand that my recommending this product at this time, comes from my personal battle with Google’s Organic Traffic.

IM Traffic Facebook Masters is a complete Facebook Ads Training Course

Why I started looking for other traffic methods

In one of my earlier posts, I mentioned that my blog was penalised by Google. After the Google Penalty, I spent hours upon hours trying to find out why my site was penalised and how to fix it. During this time I continued to post content hoping the issue would resolve itself. I have a pretty solid understanding of SEO and before the penalty I had a continuous stream of organic traffic (8000-10000 page views per month). Suddenly it went to 300-page views and when it finally bottomed out at under 100-page views in Jan/Feb this year, I gave up fighting Google and decided to stop posting content until I found a solution.

If you don’t have the time to read the post, but want a quick way to see what its about…
Click this link:

Why I never considered using Paid Traffic before

It’s simple really; it’s too damn confusing and too damn expensive, especially considering the fact that my earnings were crippled due to no traffic. Fact is very early on in my online career, my very first attempt to make money online was selling physical products (Notebooks and Computer Accessories). I opened a Google Adwords account and setup my first Paid Advertising Campaign. Within 48-hours I was almost $500 down and didn’t even get a single lead. I left the campaign to run for another day and when $500 (my total budget) was done, so was I. And so ended my venture into paid traffic.

So, I can’t really say I’ve never considered Paid Traffic before. The truth is I tried it once, got seriously burned and walked away from it, concentrating more on SEO and Organic Traffic, until now (7-years later).

“IM Traffic Facebook Masters” has me venturing into Facebook Traffic

Before I even begin to discuss IM Traffic Facebook Masters, I must confess I am very bias towards anything Kevin Fahey releases. I’ve been a member of his private coaching group for some time now and the man is incredible and so are his products. Within Kevin’s group coaching we have gone through a considerable amount of Facebook Traffic Training and what Kevin achieves with Facebook Traffic is incredible. As one of Kevin’s coaching students, I was granted review access to IM Traffic Facebook Masters, unfortunately it was a little too late to give it a complete run through (i.e. I haven’t had the time to go through every video etc), but what I have covered is awesome stuff. Some of it I’ve been through before in the coaching group, but it has been revamped and/or updated to what is working for Kevin in his business today.


My First Facebook Traffic Ad Campaign

Guys, you know me; If nothing else, you will always get my honest opinion and/or review. I have been following the training inside IM Traffic Facebook Masters step-by-step and taking action (this is what really matters; the taking action bit). As mentioned; I only got review access pretty late (today is Sunday and I only got access late on Friday). Because of this, I haven’t run my first Facebook Ads Campaign yet. At the time of this post, I’ve just finished going through Module-1, Part-3 of the training.

Tomorrow, I tackle Module-2 and hopefully by the end of the week I’ll have my first campaigns active. Once I have results, I’ll update this post accordingly or do a follow-up post.

Why I am recommending Facebook Traffic above all else

My past experience with Google Organic Search (i.e. The Google Penalty) left me looking at alternative traffic methods and/or ways to ‘fix’ my traffic woes. My months of not posting content left me free to run my offline business, which has picked up considerably, but recovering my online business is something I have been working on even though there were no posts for the last 6+ months. There is a lot I need to change on my blog to fix past mistakes (which I will cover in a future post), but of everything I have tried, using Facebook Paid Traffic makes the most sense.

Yes, Google is still the average users No.1 choice to search for content online, but Facebook has data Google wishes they had. Facebook has personal data about every single user that has signed up and Facebook has 1.65-Billion Users and climbing.

Inside Facebook’s Paid Advertising Platform one can set specific targeting rules, which allows you to target a specific audience. Yes, Google Adwords also has audience targeting, but they don’t have the data Facebook has and so Facebook’s Targeting is audience targeting on steroids. In Module-3, Part-3 of IM Traffic Facebook Masters, Kevin goes through all the steps he recommends when it comes to Audience Targeting. The more specific you can target your audience, the better your return on investment and your overall results.

Here’s the thing; I have spent the better part of 6-months looking at fixing issues on my blog. I have spent time researching better ways to blog. I have spent time on answering questions, hoping to drive traffic this way (again, to be discussed in another post) and I’ve tried numerous other tactics. What generally happens, is I put in hours trying to drive some traffic (Time is Money) and all I get is a small spike within a 48-hour period and then nothing changes after that. There have been other impressive benefits, but again this is for another post.

After chatting with Kevin and other members in our private Facebook group, the general consensus with most of the top-marketers and product creators is this:

Go ahead and Post Blog content and Social Media Posts, if you have the time. However, if you have a GOAL to achieve, like Building Your List, Building Your Brand, Finding Buyers etc. The only way to achieve this as and when you need it, is with Paid Traffic. Because of the Audience Targeting in Facebook, using Facebook Ads gets better results and costs less than Google Adwords.

Adding to this, there is Facebook Audience Retargeting (Retargeting Pixel), which is an advanced form of tracking and re-advertising to the same audience at a reduced cost. This is another highly recommended process, which is also covered inside of IM Traffic Facebook Masters.

Summing up Paid Traffic

Like List Building, Paid Traffic is an essential part of any online business in 2016 and beyond. Believe me, after my previous experience with Google Adwords I am very cautious and will never venture into using Paid Traffic without prior knowledge on how to do it correctly. The $37 Kevin is asking for the front-end of IM Traffic Facebook Masters is a pittance when compared to what it will cost you if you do Paid Traffic the wrong way. $37 is also nothing when compared to what the income potential is, if you do Facebook Ads the correct way.

This Course is Worth every penny (even though I’ve only gone through Module-1) and I highly recommend it. If you’re still contemplating or wanting more information, watch my video below, where Kevin walks you through the members area.

IM Traffic Facebook Masters Front End Product

Yes, this is an internet marketing product being promoted on JVZOO and Yes, I get referral commission if you buy via my link. Heck, you’ll probably even end-up on my mailing list if I’ve set the feature up correctly inside of JVZOO, but I can honestly vouch for this product.

Kevin, himself states that this is his best product (or training) to date and he has had several JVZOO Best Sellers. Guys, there are up-sells (OTO’s), but the front-end product of IM Traffic Facebook Masters is the complete product. Nothing has been left out and you don’t need any of the OTO’s.

If you want additional Facebook Ads Training, the first OTO is an offer of Live Coaching Webinars with Kevin where you can ask questions and get answers from Kevin directly. The other OTO is a Trial Membership to Kevin’s Membership site (also highly recommended).

Inside the Members Area; there is a surprise awaiting you. How would you like to have a one-on-one Skype call with Kevin to discuss your online business and aspirations. It was this very opportunity (through another platform) that I became one of Kevin’s private coaching students. Quite honestly, I’d pay the $37 dollars just to get this opportunity.

With that said; go checkout IM Traffic Facebook Masters. It launches today, 12th June 2016 at 10am Eastern Standard Time.



I looked around for some Bonuses to offer and there’s a whole bunch of crappy PLR Products available that I could use to entice you to buy through my link. Quite honestly, these didn’t do the product justice, so by arrangement with Kevin…


Get IM Affiliate Funnel + OTO's for FREE

If you buy IM Traffic Facebook Masters via my affiliate link, you will also get IM AFFILIATE FUNNEL (Kevin’s last best seller) 100% FREE of Charge. You will find the Sign-up link inside your JVZOO Account after purchase.



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 Posted on : 12/06/2016 - Last updated on Jun 12, 2016

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