Just Do It

To Succeed Online you need to take Action.

NIKE, the sportswear apparel giant have the right slogan; ‘Just Do It‘. I think this phrase pretty much sums up whether you will succeed online or not. I’m not going to write a post on your mindset, goal setting, brain washing or anything similar, but I am going to tell you… Just Do It!

Do What? you may ask… If you want to ‘make money online’, whether it be an online business or a Website for your ‘Brick & Mortar’ businesses or any other kind of online venture, you need to take action. You need to start this project and you need to work at it. Yes, seriously, you need to ‘WORK’.

Don’t be scared to start your online venture. Don’t get put off by all the technical stuff, just tackle it little by little. Believe me; my first website was a scarey thing, but I built it nonetheless. I hand coded that site using pure HTML codingĀ  (which I taught myself). It was a nasty piece of work, built before I found out about WordPress and before I knew about CSS and other ‘pretty things’. After discovering WordPress, I re-built the site using WordPress and even still the end result wasn’t great because there are a lot of WordPress Tricks and WordPress Hacks I didn’t know at the time. Quite honestly, I never really finished this site because it wasn’t something I was proud of. But, the fact remains, that I started it it knowing nothing about Web-Design and not even knowing about WordPress’ existence. – Have a look if you want (it’s my first make money online blog, called EarnMore.co.za)

People, what I’m trying to get at here, is DON’T BE SCARED. Just Do It…

  1. Decide on a Niche
  2. Get your Domain Registered
  3. Get a Web Hosting Account Setup
  4. Get WordPress Installed
  5. Start Blogging

And so what, if you make a mess of it in the beginning. Learn from your mistakes and you will get better at it as you go. At the end of the day, your Website or Blog doesn’t have to be the best looking site on the Internet and it doesn’t need to have all the fancy ‘bells and whistles’ you see others using. There are many successful people ‘out there’ with the ugliest websites you’ve ever seen (but they make money from these eyesores).

Have a look at this website in it’s current state. It’s incomplete, yet I am adding blog posts daily to get some momentum. Fact is; while your website is new and unsightly, very few people will actually be reading your content and this will give you time to enhance things as you go. Learn and Improve but you must get started…

[boxibt style=”gray”]If you are reading this post some time in the future and this site is looking great – Whoop Whoop, I’ve done it!… then, please refer to my earlier post which shows what this site looked like at the time of writing this article. See: Building This Blog[/boxibt]

Also, don’t let ‘time’ be your excuse for not starting. We all live a 24-hour day! If you are serious about making money online, then you need to be serious about making the time to achieve this. Even if you can only find 30-minutes a day, or one or two hours a week, find the time. Wake up early, Go to bed later, Stop watching crap on TV, just make the time…

eg. It’s 06h35 and I’m sitting here writing this post. This is the second post for the day on DuaneReeve.com, which means I’ve been at it for over an hour already. I am ‘doing it’ now, because it’s a school holiday today and once my 17-month old daughter wakes up, my work day is over (I’m a Stay-At-Home-Dad too). So, what I’m saying, is Just Do It; Find the time.

That’s it for today…

Note: I will write my next Article(s) covering the points mentioned in the list above...

“Just Do ItĀ® is a registered trademark of Nike Inc.”

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