229 Twitter Followers Today

My Twitter Followers Update plus Intro to Buffer

My Twitter Followers update after 3 Weeks

Things aren’t going as planned, simply because I don’t have the time to focus my energies on Twitter right now. For those of you waiting for my Twitter Followers Update, I thought a quick and easy/short post is better than no post at all this week (even though it’s late)…

My Week 3 Twitter Followers Update: 229 Followers and Counting

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Reminder: This is Post #3 in a Series of Posts – Read: Post #1 | Post #2


Little progress was made this week, again due to my time being taken up launching a new website for a client (Want to see it: Suburban.co.za) and trying to procure the business of another relatively big client. Nonetheless; my Twitter Following has gone up a little after posting a few #affiliatemarketing tweets promoting two affiliate offers. You can see from my image above my Twitter Following is growing, but pretty slowly. This week saw an increase of only 18 new Followers. I seriously need to kick up a gear or two if I’m to meet my GOAL of 1000 Followers by the end of November 2016 (see my original mention of this Goal Here).[break]

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A Nice Surprise from Twitter

Quite honestly, I’m a little blurry about the details of this. I received a Notification via my SmartPhone Twitter APP to congratulate me for passing some kind of threshold of ‘Followers’. I’m a little gutted that I didn’t pay it more attention; but it came through in the middle of the night or should I say weeeeee hours of the morning; around 3am. It woke me, I read it and accidentally deleted it…


Introducing Buffer for Automating Tweets – Whoop Whoop!

Last week I showed you how to automate retweets; This week I found out about a new platform called  BUFFER & I Luv it 🙂

Buffer allows you pre-create tweets, with images/video attached and to then schedule them to go out according to a predefined schedule. Another nice feature, is that Buffer can analyze your Twitter Account and recommend the best time slots for your scheduled Tweets to be sent out. I’m not going to divulge too much today, since I promised myself this would be a short post this week, but I’ll cover what I know about Buffer in my next follow up post. [break]

Twitter Traffic Training

If you don’t want to wait for my weekly reveal/update, then today is the day I share the main source of my new found Twitter knowledge. I bought Easy Traffic Magnet a few days after I started my Twitter Followers Goal. I realised early on that I could waste hours scouring the Internet for Twitter Tips or I could simply buy a Course from a very well known and successful internet marketer and get on with it. Easy Traffic Magnet is brought to you by Fergal Downes; but the training is taught by another marketer “Trevor Carr”, better known as “The Laptop Millionaire” (at least that’s what his blog is called). Easy Traffic Magnet is easy to follow and easy to implement. Trevor shares a wealth of information about using FREE Tools to Grow your Twitter Account and more importantly teaches you how to run Affiliate Campaigns using Automated Tweets. Furthermore, you learn how to manipulate #hashtags to build a following and extend your Twitter reach. I highly recommend this course and it’s priced at under $9. Needless to say, there are Upsells (OTO’s), but none are required, even though I bought them all…

[buttonibt title=”anchor” url=”http://clcks.co/easytraffic” rel=”nofollow” size=”lg” style=”warning” bgcolor=”#FF0000″ fontcolor=”white” target=”_blank” border_color=”#F9690E”]Get Easy Traffic Magnet Here[/buttonibt] [break]

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