Quick Start Challenge 2015 Review

My Personal Experience – Quick Start Challenge 2015

My Quick Start Challenge Review

With one last ‘Bonus’ Webinar to go tonight, I have managed to navigate my way through this years Quick Start Challenge (QSC). For those of  you that don’t already know… The Quick Start Challenge is a training or mentorship programme which claims to take you from ZERO experience to a fully fledged blogger earning money online within a 4-week period.

So, let’s get the big question out of the way first…

Did I make money within the 28-days ‘they’ claimed I would? NO

That being said; I do still recommend the QSC for anyone wanting to start an Online Business. Even if you have some experience online, the QSC will help to motivate you. Interacting with other members with the QSC Facebook Group will inspire you too.

Quite simply put, the Webinars (training) are setup in such a way, that it encourages you to take action and implement what is being taught. For me the Quick Start Challenge helped change my mindset and this I believe will result in me making money online for years to come.

If you have ever heard of the saying; “Lead a Donkey with a Carrot”; well the Quick Start Challenge Training uses this methodology to get you taking action every week. Every week a challenge is set, with a task you need to accomplish. If you succeed, you are rewarded.

Week-1 Challenge – Setup a Blog; I already had my blog, but it had been neglected. For me the challenge was a little easier than for those without a blog, but it encouraged me to get this ‘bad boy’ (duanereeve.com) up and running again.

Week-2 Challenge – Create and Intro Video; This was by far the most nerve wrecking of all the challenges and one that nearly saw me throwing in the towel. I persisted and the results can be viewed here.

Week-3 Challenge – Setup an Optin Form with FREE Give-Away; We had to find or create a suitable product to give-away as a reward to anyone signing-up to our mailing list(s). This also required us getting an Auto-responder Account to manage e-mail subscriptions. After looking at numerous PLR Products, I ended up creating my own give-away product (Sign-up and get your copy). I selected GetResponse as my Auto-responder due to the fact that in integrates with JVZOO (a top Affiliate Marketing Platform)

Week-4 Challenge – Attend the LIVE Bonus Webinar (tonight 03Aug2015); So, basically there is no challenge here and this has been a little bit of a let down. There is a lot of hype about tonight’s Webinar and ridiculous prizes being offered to make sure one attends ‘LIVE’. I can only assume this BONUS Webinar will be of some benefit, but quite honestly expecting this to be a ‘Sales Pitch’ for Dean Holland’s iPro Partner Programme.

[boxibt style=”gray”]NOTE: I have no problem with tonight’s Webinar being a Sales Pitch. At the end of the day Dean and his partners (Craig Crawford & Robert Phillips) are marketers and they have to make their money somewhere. Fact is; The entry-price into the Quick Start Challenge was below $20 (if you don’t buy any up-sells) and I do see myself making money later due to the shift in my mindset.[/boxibt]

To Conclude:

For me, at this stage: I feel somewhat let down by the Quick Start Challenge as I haven’t made the money ‘they’ claimed I would make in the 28-days. Fact is I implemented everything required of me and really felt this should have resulted in me getting more out of it. Maybe that happens tonight… Mmmm

Rumour has it; some members have managed to make a few dollars and maybe get some subscribers on their list. For me, it has cost me money for the joining fee and a GetResponse Auto-Responder Account that comes with a monthly fee.

So, guys look out for the update that I will either post below or in a new post within the next day or so. Bottom line: Tonight’s Webinar is crucial and I’ll just have to stay up until midnight when it starts…

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My Final Quick Start Challenge Update

As predicted last nights ‘BONUS’ Webinar was nothing but a ‘Sales Pitch’ for Dean Hollands iProPartners programme. Their promise of bonus training was a complete misrepresentation as all the’y showed us, was the setup of Dean’s Sales Funnel within his business. While impressive, it is way over the abilities of anyone within the QSC to reproduce at this stage. So, the pitch was for you to buy into his programme and leverage his sales funnel to make money.

The 2.5-hour+ pitch was excellent, but very long winded. Dean Holland is a master at keeping one engaged and personally if I had the $1997 I’d seriously consider buying into iProPartners Programme. Fact is I don’t have this type of money. If I did I probably wouldn’t have bought into a below $20 training programme (i.e. QSC) to begin with.

And so; my final verdict is this: If you are just staring out online or have been online for a while and looking to build some momentum…

Then: I still recommend the Quick Start Challenge.*

* Be aware that it is the low ticket item in a much bigger sales-funnel


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  1. Hi Duane … like you I have not made any sales yet following the QSC. However, I have 1517 hits and 13 ‘subscribers’ at this time (in quotes because I have only seen one genuine sign up at my autoresponder). I suspect this simply means I have more to learn about monetization of my site and motivating people to take action. However, starting a new site from scratch has led to enormous learning (and re-learning) and cementing so far. I know I now have a foundation as a result of the QSC; but like you I hope tonight’s webinar delivers the content that is missing on the sales front.
    Richard recently posted…Entrepreneur’s Online Income Tips: – Start A Blog …My Profile

    1. Richard, I do feel this process has pushed ‘us’ towards achieving success and for me that is where it pays off. Yeah, I would have liked to have made some money by now, but like you I think I need to look at better methods of monitization and a better lead capture process (my optin form isn’t what I want, but is a part of my Theme). Hopefully we get some momentum after tonight’s Webinar.

  2. You’re right on target, Duane! Having the deadline, the reward, and motivation all dished up at once is powerful! Keep up the good work!
    Barbara O’Toole recently posted…Comment on 7 Simple Steps to Setting Up Your Blog’s Email Sign Up Form by Barbara O’TooleMy Profile

    1. Hi Barbara – Thanks for the positive feedback. I’m looking forward to more challenges even if I have to set them up myself.

  3. Honest post Duane, and I agree with much of what you have said.

    For me, earning money in 28 days is only going to be possible with affiliate sales. And the best way to earn them is to build a buyers list, rather than a freebie seekers one. However having a few people in a the very beginning of the sales process at freebie level gives you something to work from.

    Success from there is about an autoresponser series which delivered the right balance between value and selling. – and recommends relevant products which subscribers would benefit from … I am still working on that one.

    Good luck, and stay in touch
    Ant Carter recently posted…Let The ‘First Sign Of Madness’ Drive Your Success!My Profile

    1. Thanks Ant for agreeing with my views. Making money in 28-days is possible and affiliate links will probably be best to get started. I believe the reason why most of us haven’t made money, is because most our traffic in these few weeks is people within QSC; all of whom are also trying to make a buck and not spend money at this juncture. At this stage, I’d say slap in odd relevant affiliate link in every other post and leave it to do it’s thing. Eventually things will happen.

  4. Heya Duane, I completely agree with you in wanting to make some money in 30 days or less. I too, Have fell off in that aspect as I’ve been trying to allocate my money. However with this new job, I will have the funds…even if I’m sacrificing more of my time in the long-run (I like to think of it as a short-term thing but who knows).

    As far as the Bonus webinar, I’m almost certain it will be an upsell, as certain views point to it. However, none of us are really certain so.. I guess we shall see 🙂
    Nyk Gardner recently posted…Be Consistent with blogging? NoMy Profile

    1. Hi Nyk; Here’s the thing. QSC marketed itself as almost guaranteeing you’d make money within 28-days. So I have to say: “SHOW ME THE MONEY” 🙂
      Jokes aside I think everyone that has followed though with the QSC has the ability to make money online. How much or when is up to the individual. Most will probably give up or follow another path, but in the end I think perseverance will bring results.

  5. Very Nice post and it sums up the 4 weeks nicely. Job well done for everyone to get through.
    Shane Dolby recently posted…Top 4 Affiliate Marketing MistakesMy Profile

  6. Hi Duane,

    I was a bit dubious myself on doing Quick Start Challenge 3 as I already had a blog with over 100 posts on it although lately my output had been flagging as I lost some interest, coupled with being kicked off an autoresponder for sending spam traffic to it (I didn’t. It was from a solo ad provider that I’ll never use again), I wasn’t sure that I wanted to carry on.

    I have to say that QSC did re-spark my interest, got me to make my first video where I make an appearance and showed me what a great Facebook group can be like. The people in it have been fantastic, friendly and very responsive, all of which has galvanised be to keep trying for a bit longer.

    I don’t think I’ve made any sales from people visiting my site but then again, there isn’t a hoard of advertising their either and 6 sign-ups to a new autoresponder account is hardly a major shout either, but I’m going to keep on.

    I think it’s as much about publicising your website as putting something up for visitors to read so it may be time to advertise more and write a little less as far as my own site goes and I expect it will end up being the same for many others.

    Let’s keep pushing for a profitable future.


    Steven Lucas
    Steven Lucas Marketing Mentor recently posted…Quick Start Challenge Week 4 – The End is in SightMy Profile

    1. Steven, I was also dubious to sign-up and I think you have ‘hit the nail on the head’… The training was good quality stuff, but the real value comes from the people in the FB Group and the positivity that exudes within. I think, what we all need to realise is this: If you aren’t selling something on your blog you aren’t going to make money. You can write as much as you want, drive as much traffic as you want, but if there is nothing of value for your visitors to buy you will fail. So, I guess the best solution is to get as many relevant Affiliate links in place and to eventually sell your own products/services

  7. Hi Duane,
    Great post for not knowing what to post about initially. I didn’t make any money directly from the QSC either, but I didn’t set up a funnel to offer anything through my opt-in either. I only set up a free gift. I’m currently at the office so I can’t opt into your list at this moment, but you can redirect people to a sales page offering something through Clickbank or JVZoo to make some money with what you have set up if you haven’t already.

    It takes time but the key is to stick with it and take action like you are. I have membership sites that I run and I decided to set up my blog as a tool to help provide more training and to offer help to those interested in learning. So although I’m making money through my membership sites and PLR products I have, I can’t say I’ve made anything that is in direct relation to the blog or the QSC.

    What I learned from the QSC is very valuable though. I learned that I can make my list through a simple optin in my sidebar. I also learned that a blog can be used to help get products in front of your visitors.

    I’m currently working on a video series that I will be giving away and will end up swapping that with the PLR ebook I currently have up now. When I set that up, I will also be setting up a sales page and OTOs for other products I have within a sales funnel attached to that optin. Maybe that will bring in some income.

    I hope by sharing this that it gives you some ideas of things you can do also. You have a great site here and you need to continue building what you’ve started. Great job and I look forward to coming back for more info!

    Rick Tenney recently posted…How to Make Money With PLR Video SeriesMy Profile

    1. Hi Rick. Seems very few people made money; but maybe that changes tonight. At this point, my list also only contains the lead magnet (Free Gift). I haven’t had the time to write my auto-responder sequence yet. The weekly updates will be a collection of recent blog posts until such time as I can write the sequence. I had every intention of doing this, but then my primary business website got hacked and destroyed (Hostgator backup is useless too, so I have to re-build the site). Let me know when your Video Series is ready as I am looking at creating my own Video Course(s) in the near future using PLR Videos.

  8. Great post Duane.

    QSC has motivated me, taught me some new ways of thinking and put me in touch with a really great group of people.

    I guess we have take action in applying what we have learned, and still share the results (good or bad) with the QSC3 Facebook group.
    Fernando Bonegio recently posted…Wonderful Recognition For A Dear FriendMy Profile

    1. Thanks for the comments Fernando; I think this is where the QSC has worked for me. It’s motivated me and changed my perfectionist mindset. I’ve always trashed stuff because I couldn’t get it perfect and ended up with nothing. Now I have a work in progress with a Just Do It & Fix it later attitude (hope that sticks)

  9. Hello Duane

    I share your views with regards to the lack of challenge this week but hopefully this bonus webinar will be more than a sales pitch for Dean’s full mentoring or marketing packages.

    One thing that really should have been emphasized in the blog hopping challenge is to not expect too much from it in the way of subscribers or income because we are basically promoting our blog on each others blogs.

    What we need to do now is go out and find the authority sites in our niches and focus on attracting some of their audience to our blogs through intelligent comments.

    I have had no subscribers or income however I think that maybe in part due to the wrong choice of name for my gift. But that is all part of the testing process and is a reasonable cheap fix thanks to the graphics peeps on Fiverr.

    igor Griffiths recently posted…Managing Your Weekly ScheduleMy Profile

    1. Thanks for your input Igor. Seems I neglected to mention the challenge components for driving FREE Traffic via Blog Hopping etc. I’ll have to include this in an update later. And YES, We do need to start venturing out to post comments on blogs outside of those owned by QSC members. Finding ‘authority domains’ within our niches will have a major influence if done correctly and regularly.

  10. Hi
    I believe that you are correct that tonight will involve a sales pitch of some description it made me laugh when I viewed dean’s important video at the weekend with the screen shots of his bank account, just softening us up for spending some money, don’t get me wrong as commented before he is a Internet marketer so there is nothing wrong with trying for a sale or two, like others the QSC has for some reason got me to take action this time after years of bright shiny object syndrome I have a blog and an autoresponder though at the moment I am struggling to connect the two together but I will get there so for me the QSC has been beneficial

    1. Hi Andrew; thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog. Sales pitch or not, I’m sitting here waiting for the Webinar to start in an hours time. I’m guessing you are too. I hope you get your Auto-Responder issues resolved.

  11. Hi Duane
    Just a quick note to say hello and congratulate you on creating your online presence and having a go with the Quick Start Challenge 2015. I have built my QSC blog but am a yet to complete my “personal” video. This week for sure.
    My aim with the QSC is to become “known”. I am passionate about developing small businesses within communities and based on my experience as a CEO of a not for profit company about ten years ago. In order to make this happen I have to let people know that I exist (Step #1). That is the aim of my blog to get the message out that I am available and willing to help businesses from start up to salvage.

    It would be great if you had a look at my Blog at [link removed] and let me know what you think my message is.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
    George Lianos recently posted…What are you afraid of?My Profile

    1. Hi George. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Good luck with your journey and while you may have started late, it’s never to late to start. By now, I’m sure you’ve seen the activity and the end result of the actual challenge itself. This is not quite what we’d all hoped for, but at the same time this is a good motivational programme and I will you the best with it. Follow the instructions and keep going…

  12. Hi Duane,

    As someone who took part in the Quick Start Challenge, I would have to say that a big clue of what you will achieve is in the name – Quick Start Challenge.

    It really was designed to motivate newbies to challenge themselves to start quickly by taking regular imperfect action.

    Rather than making money within the 4 or 5 weeks of the Quick Start Challenge – really, it is more about members setting themselves up on a path that can result in an online income in the future if they keep doing what they were taught.

    The Quick Start Challenge actually got me started doing videos a lot sooner than what I thought I would. As I always thought video is something that I know I should start doing, but it would always be sometime for the future.

    The program was really good for motivating everyone to take action – we all now just have to make sure we keep taking action.

    You have some great posts on your site too – Keep up the excellent work 🙂

    1. Hi Shaneman – Thanks for taking the time to comment and YES, the Quick Start Challenge is all about getting yourself setup for future success. I highly recommend it for anyone wanting motivation and challenges to get them going, but they must also realise it isn’t a programme that will teach them to make instant money.

      Thanks for taking the time to read the other posts too and your feedback 🙂

  13. Truth be told it sounded a bit crazy to me too, but then I saw the results of those that learned the formula Ever since then hoards of people have waited in hope that the Quick Start Challenge would return Each week you’ll get the next part to the process. As long as you implement the easy steps you learn each week you’ll see results in your business. All these are key ways followed by leading online marketers to make a six figure income on a monthly basis. Here Dean Holland and Craig will going to share all the stuff that they were doing to create their own passive monthly seven figure income online.

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