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My Personal Experience – Quick Start Challenge 2015

My Quick Start Challenge Review

With one last ‘Bonus’ Webinar to go tonight, I have managed to navigate my way through this years Quick Start Challenge (QSC). For those of  you that don’t already know… The Quick Start Challenge is a training or mentorship programme which claims to take you from ZERO experience to a fully fledged blogger earning money online within a 4-week period.

So, let’s get the big question out of the way first…

Did I make money within the 28-days ‘they’ claimed I would? NO

That being said; I do still recommend the QSC for anyone wanting to start an Online Business. Even if you have some experience online, the QSC will help to motivate you. Interacting with other members with the QSC Facebook Group will inspire you too.

Quite simply put, the Webinars (training) are setup in such a way, that it encourages you to take action and implement what is being taught. For me the Quick Start Challenge helped change my mindset and this I believe will result in me making money online for years to come.

If you have ever heard of the saying; “Lead a Donkey with a Carrot”; well the Quick Start Challenge Training uses this methodology to get you taking action every week. Every week a challenge is set, with a task you need to accomplish. If you succeed, you are rewarded.

Week-1 Challenge – Setup a Blog; I already had my blog, but it had been neglected. For me the challenge was a little easier than for those without a blog, but it encouraged me to get this ‘bad boy’ ( up and running again.

Week-2 Challenge – Create and Intro Video; This was by far the most nerve wrecking of all the challenges and one that nearly saw me throwing in the towel. I persisted and the results can be viewed here.

Week-3 Challenge – Setup an Optin Form with FREE Give-Away; We had to find or create a suitable product to give-away as a reward to anyone signing-up to our mailing list(s). This also required us getting an Auto-responder Account to manage e-mail subscriptions. After looking at numerous PLR Products, I ended up creating my own give-away product (Sign-up and get your copy). I selected GetResponse as my Auto-responder due to the fact that in integrates with JVZOO (a top Affiliate Marketing Platform)

Week-4 Challenge – Attend the LIVE Bonus Webinar (tonight 03Aug2015); So, basically there is no challenge here and this has been a little bit of a let down. There is a lot of hype about tonight’s Webinar and ridiculous prizes being offered to make sure one attends ‘LIVE’. I can only assume this BONUS Webinar will be of some benefit, but quite honestly expecting this to be a ‘Sales Pitch’ for Dean Holland’s iPro Partner Programme.

NOTE: I have no problem with tonight’s Webinar being a Sales Pitch. At the end of the day Dean and his partners (Craig Crawford & Robert Phillips) are marketers and they have to make their money somewhere. Fact is; The entry-price into the Quick Start Challenge was below $20 (if you don’t buy any up-sells) and I do see myself making money later due to the shift in my mindset.

To Conclude:

For me, at this stage: I feel somewhat let down by the Quick Start Challenge as I haven’t made the money ‘they’ claimed I would make in the 28-days. Fact is I implemented everything required of me and really felt this should have resulted in me getting more out of it. Maybe that happens tonight… Mmmm

Rumour has it; some members have managed to make a few dollars and maybe get some subscribers on their list. For me, it has cost me money for the joining fee and a GetResponse Auto-Responder Account that comes with a monthly fee.

So, guys look out for the update that I will either post below or in a new post within the next day or so. Bottom line: Tonight’s Webinar is crucial and I’ll just have to stay up until midnight when it starts…

My Final Quick Start Challenge Update

As predicted last nights ‘BONUS’ Webinar was nothing but a ‘Sales Pitch’ for Dean Hollands iProPartners programme. Their promise of bonus training was a complete misrepresentation as all the’y showed us, was the setup of Dean’s Sales Funnel within his business. While impressive, it is way over the abilities of anyone within the QSC to reproduce at this stage. So, the pitch was for you to buy into his programme and leverage his sales funnel to make money.

The 2.5-hour+ pitch was excellent, but very long winded. Dean Holland is a master at keeping one engaged and personally if I had the $1997 I’d seriously consider buying into iProPartners Programme. Fact is I don’t have this type of money. If I did I probably wouldn’t have bought into a below $20 training programme (i.e. QSC) to begin with.

And so; my final verdict is this: If you are just staring out online or have been online for a while and looking to build some momentum…

Then: I still recommend the Quick Start Challenge.*

* Be aware that it is the low ticket item in a much bigger sales-funnel

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 Posted on : 03/08/2015 - Last updated on Aug 4, 2015

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