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Lesson 1

Laying the foundation to start a website

Website Construction - Building the foundation

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Before we begin; please note that this is Lesson Number 1 in a Series of posts related to building your first WordPress website/blog. The tools, resources and tips shared here will help with starting a website using WordPress, but is specifically geared to helping beginners create a blog…

Before you can jump in and copy this blog/website layout, there are a few things you need to know and a few tools and resources you need to acquire. Some of these tools are FREE, but others are PREMIUM (Paid For) products. Also note, that some of the links provided are affiliate links where I earn a commission should you buy or sign-up for any product/service.

3 essential items required to start  a website:

  • Domain Name: You need a Domain Name or Website Address (URL). This is the name and address of your upcoming website. I use and (I have a reseller account with both) to buy most of my domain names. *
  • Web-Hosting: I have a HostGator Reseller Account for all my Web Hosting needs. I have used them for several years and I’m happy with the service. *
  • WordPress: WordPress is the FREE Web-design & Content Management tool used to build this Website/Blog. WordPress is the web design tool of choice for most marketers and is can be downloaded from the website.

Note: Most decent Web-Hosting Companies will have tools for you to install WordPress Automatically. You shouldn’t need to download it but the link is provided so you know where to get it, if necessary…

Choosing a Niche (or topic)

There is a lot of hype when starting a website about choosing the correct niche or blog topic before doing anything else. Personally I feel this is over-hyped and while this can be vital to your success, it shouldn’t be something that holds you back in any way. If you have an idea about what you want your website/blog to be about, register a domain name closely related to your chosen Niche or topic.

If you have no idea what niche or topic you want to target, don’t stress; simply register a domain name in your personal or company name. Even if you get this wrong, you can always register a new domain name later and cancel the other (domain name registrations are subject to minimum 1-year renewal period). If you’re interested in Affiliate Marketing, then read my post on choosing a Niche for Affiliate Marketing.

TIP: register your name as a domain name (url) for your first website/blog.

If your name has already been taken look for something similar. This site’s url is alternatives could be: or etc etc

Top Level Domain Names (TLDs)

The other thing to consider when choosing a domain name is the domain extension, which is known as the TLD or TLDs (Top level domain name). Again, don’t let this throw you off. The top level domain name or domain extensions you should consider (in order of preference) are:

  1. .com
  2. .net
  3. .org

You could also consider a country specific TLD (called a ccTLD), but it is usually best to get a .com extension, unless you intend targeting a specific country (or your country)…

Today’s Tasks:

  1. Register your domain name (approx cost: $10-$15 annually)
  2. Get a hosting account (approx $3 upwards)

HostGator Promo Code: duane25off
Get 25% off your first invoice with this promo code…

And… That’s it for today’s lesson…
In Lesson-2, I’ll discuss linking your domain name with the hosting plan

* I own a small WebHosting & Web-Design Company in Cape Town, South Africa. If the whole process of getting a domain name and/or hosting scares you, drop me an e-mail and I will help you get setup using my services. Please use the form on the Contact Me page to get in touch.

Footnote: I am often asked why I refer people to NameCheap and Hostgator, when I own and run my own web hosting business. So, here is the answer: I use both NameCheap & HostGator to provided my services. Domains are cheaper from NameCheap, than if you buy them from me. Whilst my Hosting Plans are cheaper than HostGator, I don’t offer 24/7 support, nor do I offer advanced hosting services like VPN or dedicated Servers etc… I started my Hosting Company to help local small businesses that don’t need 24/7 support or advanced hosting requirements; but appreciate personal service.

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