What you really need to know about Web Hosting for WordPress

WordPress Web Hosting Tips and Advice. When it comes to choosing a Web Hosting Service for your online business, there are so many choices, it can quickly become confusing and intimidating. Almost every single Web Hosting Company is now offering ‘WordPress Web Hosting‘, but there are a few things you should know before you pull […]

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What you need to know to run a successful blog

Successful Bloggers wear many hats. You hear it all the time; ‘Content is King’ or ‘The Money is in the List’; but what you don’t hear all that often is ‘how to run a successful blog’. I’m NOT talking about choosing your Niche or How to make money from your blog; I’m referring to all […]

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Before using WordPress review these 6 points first

6 Things to consider before using WordPress WordPress has been deemed the most popular of all the Content Management Systems (CMS) currently in use on the Internet (in 2015). WordPress is the platform of choice for many Web-Designers, Internet Marketers, Bloggers and Businesses both big and small. It is also the platform I use for […]

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Quick Start Challenge 2015 Review

My Personal Experience – Quick Start Challenge 2015 With one last ‘Bonus’ Webinar to go tonight, I have managed to navigate my way through this years Quick Start Challenge (QSC). For those of  you that don’t already know… The Quick Start Challenge is a training or mentorship programme which claims to take you from ZERO […]

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Which plugin to use for Wordpress SEO

WordPress SEO Plugins

Which WordPress SEO Plugin to use. In my last traffic related post (First Steps to Web Traffic) I mentioned that I would be installing the WordPress SEO Plugin (by Yoast) on this website. That led me to thinking, which WordPress SEO Plugins should you use if you were just starting out and learning the ropes […]

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The basic layout of a Wordpress Website

WordPress Website Structure

Understanding WordPress Website Layouts. Before you begin on your journey to build your first WordPress Website/Blog, there are a few fundamental or foundation ‘things’ you should understand. These are the absolute basics with regards to website design and are usually not only specific to WordPress. If you have read my past posts you may have […]

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Copy this Blog Category

How to copy this blog/website. This morning I woke up at 5am with these nagging thoughts about how to proceed with building this blog in a way you can copy. By ‘copy this blog’, I am referring to how you could copy the structure and design on this blog and NOT the content (which is […]

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Building This Blog

WordPress Resources, Tools & Services used. This is Post No. 2 on this blog and if you are reading this post within a few days of it’s publication (27 April 2014), you will notice that DuaneReeve.com is somewhat incomplete at this stage. There is NO custom header, NO Menu, NO footer, NO T&C’s Pages etc […]

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An Introduction to DuaneReeve.com

Welcome to the first post on this blog. DuaneReeve.com is about getting to know me & WordPress… and a few other things about making money online. So, I guess I’ll start with a brief introduction… My name is Duane and I am the owner of FuturityWEB, a Web-Hosting & Web-Design Company based in Cape Town, […]

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